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Our Procedures

Everything In One PlacE

The Following Procedures Are Performed in this Office:

Cosmetic procedures by IPL

IPL is Intense Pulse Light that is used for removal of Blemishes, Removal of Hair, treatment of shallow wrinkles around lips and eyes, Depigmentation of hyperpigmented lesions like sun damages, Melasma and flat lesions, and Tattoos and treating spider veins. The procedure will be repeated to Minimum 5 times and Maximum 7 times to get the right results.

Cosmetic Procedures by Yag Laser

Laser treatment used for Stretch Marks, Scars, and Acne Scars. Need to repeat the procedure for 7 times to be effective. It stimulates the production of collagen to fill the acne scars.

For questions or appointments please call 661-725-7060. 


Is for stretch marks, Scalpting and weight loss. It usually needs to be treated 3 times a week fr minimum 3 months. It is also combined by vibration machine for exercise and injection of 1000mcg of Vitamine B12.